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Xmas shoe box appeal

Xmas shoe box appeal

It’s that time of year again folks and we’re asking if you could again, buy an extra treat this year for our rescues so that they too can have something special this Christmas.

Natalia George with Eamonn Holmes

A day in the life of Natalia George

Natalia George founded Flori’s Friends in 2015 and has since dedicated her life to rescuing abused and neglected animals. Having now rescued and rehomed over 1500 dogs and cats from across Britain and Europe, here is a sneak peek into what each day is like running an animal rescue charity.


Our animal adoption process

If you’re thinking about adopting one of our animals, then firstly I’d like to say thank you! These dogs and cats are in such desperate need of a loving home and we cannot give them their happy ever after without people like you who want to make them part of their family.


Our New Lottery

Please subscribe to our lottery to win big and save a life! WE NEED YOU !



This poor chap was alerted to the team by a member of the public. He had been beaten into submission and forced to pull a sleigh with a thin bit of builders rope.


Smoala the Tar Baby

6 months ago our team found this little 8 weeks old puppy that had been dropped into deep tar and left to die. They instantly pulled her out and rushed her to the shelter for emergency medical care.